Sesame Peeling Machine Introduction

Sesame peeling machine is a must-have for further processing sesames. It integrates the whole process of soaking, skin removing and separating, which saves a lot of trouble in sesame preprocess. If you wanna invest sesame processing and oil pressing industry, please consider our sesame peeling machine.

sesame dehuller

Model WHPF-120
Capacity 3~5 Tons /Day
Power 5.5KW /380V/ 50HZ
Dimensions 1200*1430*2360 mm
Weight 800KG

Sesame Peeling Machine Features

1. The large processing capacity of 3~5 Tons / Day.
2. High hull removing rate of≥98%.
3. Easy operation, large output within a short period of time.
4. 304 stainless steel; continuous working time.

sesame skin removing effect of automatic sesame peeler

Sesame Peeling Machine Working Procedure

Sesame peeling includes three stages which are soaking, skin removing and separating process.
1. In the soaking process, the decelerator drives the stirrer whose force makes the peripheral and center sesame rotate up and down, thus the sesames are all soaked.
2. In skin removing, the mutual friction between sesame and the rotating force from the stirrer makes the hull removed from the kernel.
3. In separating peel and kernel process, still driven by a stirrer, the hull is discharged through the holes on the plate, while the kernel is sustained by the plate with holes, thus realizing separating.