Walnut Sheller Machine Introduction

Our walnut sheller machine is specially designed for removing the hard shell from the walnuts. Different kinds of walnuts have different production and integrity rate, but we can adjust the speed to offer you the most integrate walnuts.walnut sheller machine

Model TP-4
Capacity 300kg/h
Power 0.75kw/220-380v
Weight 250kg
Dimensions 1200*800*1300mm

Walnut Sheller Machine Features

1. The whole machine integrates shelling and separating walnut flesh from shells into one.
2. High walnut flesh integrity about 98% and high shelling efficiency.
3. Suitable for walnut businessmen whose processing capacity is 4-5t/d.
4. Compact structure, convenient to transport and operate.

features of walnut cracking machine

Walnut Nutrition

1. Rich in nutrients: multiple microelements like calcium, phosphorus, and iron; vitamins like carotene and riboflavin.
2. With medical effects such as improving blood circulation, moistening dryness and resolving phlegm.
3. Supply nourishment to the brain. A glass of walnut milk a day will bring you a sober brain to work.

Working Video of Walnut Shelling Machine