Commercial Noodle Making Machine Instruction

Noodle making machine is specially designed to process noodles and vermicelli in different sizes according to different knives. Our noodle machine has many advantages such as small volume, compact structure, safe to use, simple operation, and easy maintenance, etc. The facets pass through five continuous roll calendars which have smooth appearance and dense uniform and creates the preconditions for the output of excellent noodles. The machine uses gear structure, flexibly operated and applies to noodle processing enterprises.commercial noodle machine

Model Width of
surface patch
roll size
Capacity Power Weight Size
MT7-300 (permuted) 300mm 138*300 mm 240-260
4kw 980kg 2900*680*1370mm
MT7-260 (permuted) 260mm 138*260 mm 220-260
4kw 910kg 2600*680*1370mm
MT6-300 (permuted) 300mm 138*300 mm 240-260
4kw 910kg 2400*680*1370mm
MT6-200 (permuted) 200mm 95*250 mm 180-210
3kw 550kg 2000*600
MT5-250 (permuted) 250mm 138*250 mm 260-280
3kw 550kg 1500*650*1370mm
MT5-300 (permuted) 300mm 138*300 mm 200-220
3kw 650kg 1500*750*1370mm
MT5-200 (permuted) 200mm 96*250 mm 150-170
3kw 380kg 1600*570*1225mm
MT5-250 (combined) 250mm 138*250 mm 150-170
3kw 550kg 1410*660*1300mm
MT5-200 (combined) 200mm 96*250 mm 100-150
3kw 350kg 1180*630*1220mm

Commercial Noodle Making Machine Features

▷Use the gear to transmission, smooth operation, safety and reliable.
▷Adopt the automatically picking system, high efficiency and good quality.
▷Automatic transmission, automatic cross-section and automatic pole. Form the first time, and save labor.
▷Multiple sets of rolling stronger, pressure roller brushed, feed uniform and neat panel.
▷The reducer can help sprocket chain transmission, low noise and long service life.
▷The machine body is stainless steel. Operating safely, sanitation and hygiene.

Commercial Noodle Making Machine Application

best noodle making machine application

No matter fried noodle, stewed noodles,indomie instant noodles and soybean paste noodles, palatable and chewy noodles are their first option. Noodle machine has a huge market in Chinese food shop equipment; drink shop equipment; frozen food products factory equipment; leisure food products factory equipment.

How to Install Noodle Making Machine

▷The mechanical installation must keep flat fixed. Open the side cover, filling the reducer 30#oil. According to the ground mark install the grounding wire.
▷Check each part of the fasteners in the transport process if there’s any loose phenomenon.
▷Power connection, try reversing. Under the normal circumstances, on the V-belt, and then on the jail motor shroud.
▷Check various parts of the hole are unobstructed, after refueling before starting.

Commercial Noodle Making Machine Operating Guide

▷Knead the dough: knead dough is the first process production for noodles. Put the flour into the noodles machine to mix the dough, in accordance with the provisions of the 25%proportion adding water. Turn the power, make the dough and water mix evenly to granular.
▷Adjustment: use the hand wheel to adjust the roll gap, in the adjustment process, sometimes, it is difficult to alignment the first time, the key is to figure our truth, grasp patience.
▷Operating: put the marinated flour into the dough bucket, according to the knife and fix gear.

Working Video of Commercial Noodles Machine