Flour Mixer Introduction

This good performance flour mixing machine, the most advanced flour mixer in domestic flour mixing market at present, is to make quick work of all kinds of flour mixing (making it easy to form dough) and the pre-phase mixing in processing noodles. It is also quite suitable to blend powder material, so it’s an excellent option for the tea café, bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, and food processing factory, etc.electric flour mixing machine

Model Power Capacity Weight Size
BF-15 1.5kw/380v 15kg/8min 70kg 950*400*940mm
BF-25 2.2kw/380v 25kg/8min 85kg 860*520*1060mm
BF-80 4kw/380v 80kg/8min 130kg 1150*845*1300mm
BF-150 5.5kw/380v 150kg/8min 160kg 1350*1100*1500mm
BF-350 7.5kw/380v 350kg/8min 490kg 1725*1145*1840mm
BLJ-15 1.5kw/380v 150kg/h 85kg 660*440*900mm
BLJ-25 3kw/380v 250kg/h 100kg 830*535*1040mm

Flour Mixer Features

▷Stainless steel: anti-rust; healthy; easy to clean; long service life.
▷Discharge hole: handle-open-type; well sealing; averting leakage.
▷High efficiency; simple & safe to operate.
▷Elegant appearance; easy maintenance.
▷Suitable for blending other chemical powder except the corrosive.

Flour Mixer Operation Principle

1. Before starting, make sure everything is not abnormal and then switch on the power; add the flour and additive, etc in the charging barrel.
2. After starting, do not put hands or other things into the charging barrel to prevent hurting hands and breaking the machine.
3.2-3 mins later, add right amount water; after even mixing, open the discharge hole and the mixture will discharge automatically.