Noodles Making Machine Introduction

Noodles making machine is one of the important food processing machines in many places. Noodles are also popular because of the freshness and better flavor. The ready-to-use grain and vegetable flour, the easy operation and high efficiency all make noodles making machine noodle making machine

Model HRSD-75
Power 1.5kw
Voltage 220V/50HZ
dimension (mm) 560*990*1255
Weight 128KG
Capacity 75KG/h

Noodles Making Machine Features

1. Stainless steel can minimize both friction and noise thus extending machine life.
2. The large capacity of 75kg/h, the noodles thickness is adjustable.
3. Easy to install, operate, clean and maintain.
4. The reliable working process, suitable for hotels, restaurants, and food processing unit.

The Basic Operation of Making Noodles

Wheat flour is a common ingredient for making noodles in most Asian countries. The dough is compressed between two rollers to form a dough sheet. Dough sheet is then slitting to produce noodles. Fresh noodles are ready for sale, or further processed into different flavors snacks.

noodle making process

How to Clean Noodle Making Machine

1. Wrap a dishtowel around the base of the noodle maker to catch any debris that may fall out as you clean the machine.
2. Use a soft brush to sweep away the flour and pasta from the roller bars and cutter blades of the machine. A pastry brush works well for this step.
3. Wipe the outside of the noodle maker, along with the roller bars, with a damp sponge or dishrag. Dry thoroughly after the machine has been cleaned.

noodles making machine application

Five Benefits of Eating Noodles

–Noodles fight cancer.
–Noodles can help you lose weight.
–Noodles can help lower cholesterol.
–Noodles can cure constipation.
–Noodles can be rich in other nutrition.