Rice Noodle/Vermicelli Machine Introduction

Our rice noodle machine is your perfect choice to process rice, corn, sweet potato, yam, potato, tapioca, and many other starch products into Asian style vermicelli or noodle directly, without using crusher and mixer. Change different molds to make corn noodle, rice noodle or rice cake.
The series of rice noodle making machines are with compact structure, practical function, and fine performance. It can be used to produce noodles and Western Pastry and suitable for hotels, restaurants and processing factory.rice vermicelli making machine

Model Voltage Power Capacity Weight Size
WM-60 220V/ 380V 3kw 50-60 kg/h 70kg 980*430*1200mm
WM-100 380V 7.5kw 100-120 kg/h 230kg 110*520*1400 mm
WM-200 380V 11.5kw 180-200 kg/h 280kg 980*1200*1400 mm
WM-250 380V 15kw 230-250 kg/h 420kg 123*1100*1600 mm
WM-300 380V 18kw 280-300 450kg 123*1100*1600 mm
WM-350 380V 19kw 320-350 kg/h 520kg 123*1100*1850 mm
WM-400 380V 23kw 380-400 kg/h 580kg 123*1150*1850 mm

Rice Noodle/Vermicelli Machine Principle

Mill the soaked materials to prepare a milk-like paste and then transfer this paste into a moving plate where the paste is teamed to produce a sheet. Then the sheet can be cut into rice noodle slice or rice rolls. The powdered vegetable can be added to enhance the flavor and nutrition.

rice noodle maker processing rice noodle

Rice Noodle/Vermicelli Machine Feature

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and can be dismantled for clean.
2. Simple producing process and one person can operate. Save time and labor.
3. Small in size, low cost, and high profit.
4. Various function with many molds according to different materials.
5. The rice noodles/vermicelli features fineness, transparency, cooking tolerance, smooth taste, and rich nutrient.

Differences of Soba, Udon, Vermicelli Rice Noodles, and Rice Noodles

1. Soba: These noodles are made from buckwheat flour and have a correspondingly strong, nutty flavor. Dried soba looks like flat spaghetti and is usually light beige to dark brown-gray in color.
2. Udon: chewy and soft, these thick wheat noodles are best when you can find them fresh. Dried udon is still good, but the texture is denser. Udon has a neutral flavor, so they make a good choice for strongly-flavored dishes.
3. Vermicelli rice noodles: vermicelli noodles are made from rice flour and have a very similar texture to angel hair pasta. The dried noodles come in packets of long, very thin, translucent threads.
4. Rice noodles: these are also made from rice flour, but flatter and softer when cooked.