Shumai Machine Introduction

The FYM-600 uniquely designed shumai machine integrates the task of making Shao-mai product from raw dough and pre-mixed stuffing to the end Shumai.  It works stably to make beautiful dough sheets, add ingredients with accurate quantity and form good-shaped & tasty Shaomai.siomai making machine

Model FYM-600
Capacity 6000pc/hr
Shaomai diameter 24mm~35mm
Shaomai height 25mm~30mm
Shaomai weight 12g/pc,15g/pc,20g/pc
Pastry wrapper thickness 0.3~0.5mm
Pastry wrapper width 55mm~70mm
Machine dimension 1350*1000*1700mm
Machine weight 800Kg

Shumai Machine Features

1.Double processing line leading a large capacity of 5000 p/h.
2. The stuffing can be of various materials such as beef, pork, shrimp, fish paste, etc.
3. The thickness of the shumai wrappers is adjustable.
4. All the parts contacting with food are made of food standard stainless steel and plastic.
5.Compact design, small room coverage, and simple to clean and maintain.

how does Automatic shumai siomai making machine produce shumai

How to Make Shumai

The kneaded dough is first fed into rollers to form the shumai pastry wrapper. After cutting the pastry wrapper into square pieces, the stuffing is deposited onto wrapper and Shumai is pressed into its final form. The finished shumai product is then automatically transferred by a conveyor belt.


General Knowledge About Shumai

Shumai is steamed dumplings from southeast China, often served as a snack food. Shumai is also a popular item on a Dim Sum menu, which is a Cantonese tradition of eating small servings of foods with afternoon tea. It is known as siomai in the Philippines, siomay in Indonesia and shumai in Japan, the fillings for shumai vary by region in China, and especially in Cantonese cuisine. This little appetizer is a staple of many diets.

Working Video of Shumai Making Machine