Steamed Bun Machine Introduction

Steamed bun molding machine is ideal equipment to make the yummy steamed bun. The raw materials can be wheat flour, sorghum flour, sweet potato flour, and other grain flour. Steamed bun is of round shape and the size can be adjustable. Made by the natural flour, the steamed buns are nutritional and tasty.

steamed bun molding machine

Model HRSD-65
Power 3 KW
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Weight of dough 120-125g
Capacity Max/4000/pcs/h
Dimension 1300*500*960mm
Weight 240 kg

Steamed Bun Machine Features

1. It adopts the roller-type structure to press flour into the round shape, you can also add your favorite addictive.
2. The advanced design ensures a large capacity of 4000 pcs/h, thus suitable for guesthouses, chain restaurants, canteens, and other catering units.
3. The mold size can be adjusted freely as you wish.
4. Steamed buns are of smooth appearance and attractive flavor.
5. Stainless steel material provides hygiene working process and sanitary products.
6. Easy to operate, low noise and energy consumption.

automatic round dough balls making machine molding process

About Chinese Steamed Bun

Steamed bread is referred to Chinese Mantou, a kind of steamed bun originating in China. They are a staple food in northern China where wheat is grown. Made with milled wheat flour, water, and leavening agents, they range from 4 cm to 15 cm. White mantou was somewhat of a luxury in preindustrial China.

Steamed Buns Market prospect

–Low investment and high profit.
–It can apply to all kinds of places such as the restaurant, hotel, multiple shops, school, etc.
–It can produce the tasty stuffed bun which is suitable for all age groups, which is very popular for them.