Introduction of Banana Slicing Machine

Banana slicing machine is designed to cut bananas into small round pieces. The thickness of the bananas can be adjusted according to your needs by increasing or decreasing spacers. Sliced banana chips have a smooth surface. This machine is widely adopted in banana chips processing line, besides it’s also suitable for school, restaurant, supermarket, and other vegetable and food processing plant.automatic banana slicing machine

Model QP-300
Capacity 300Kg/h
Power 0.75Kw/380V
Weight 90Kg
Dimension 540*820*1060mm

Features of Banana Slicing Machine

1. Wide application. It can be used to cut fruits and vegetables that require round slices, such as potato, sweet potato, cucumber, bitter gourd, lotus root, eggplant, banana, apple, lemon, etc.

fruit & vegetable slices cut by the banana slicer machine
2. Made of stainless steel, which enables the machine to have a long service life and corrosion resistance.
3. High efficiency and simple operation.
4. Low energy cost and stable performance.
5. Continuous working largely reduces unit cost and improves working efficiency.
6. Mainly made of machine rack, a feed inlet, rotating cutter head, motor and transmission part, etc.
7. Good quality and compact design make it populous in markets.
8. Customizing according to customer requirements is available.

Tips for Operating Banana Slicing Machine

Trial cut first before the normal operation, pay attention whether the thickness of sliced bananas meets to your requirement, if not adjust immediately. During operation, put raw materials into the feed inlet, then the high speed rotating cutter will cut materials into pieces.