Introduction of Potato Chips Packing Machine

Potato chips packing machine is used to pack potato chips in nylon, PP, PC, PVC, HDPE, or PS materials bags. During the packing process, the vacuum pump will automatically evacuate the air inside the bag and then fill in nitrogen. By doing so a vacuum environment formed inside the bag, so it can isolate the oxygen and keep potato chips fresh, prevent it against damp, mildew, rust, corrosion, moth and pollution.vacuum packing machine

Model DZ400-2S DZ500-2S DZ600-2S
Power 1kw/380v 2kw/380v 2.2kw/380v
Weight 180kg 230kg 320kg
Dimensions 1050*650*855mm 1220*680*900mm 1425*720*950mm
Capacity 60-160times/h 90-360times/h 90-360times/h
Sealing size 400*10/2mm 500*10/2mm 600*10/2mm

Features of Potato Chips Packing Machine

1. Double chamber to alternatively operate for packing, which is especially suitable for mass production.
2. Wide application. This machine can be used to pack various products, such as puffed foods, fried foods, native foods, aquatic products, medicine, chemical materials, solid powder object, pasty object and so forth.
3. Packed products become easy for store and transportation.
4. The shelf life of packed products could effectively prolonged.
5. Stainless steel ensures the machine to have good rust resistance.
6. Advanced design, reliable performance, and compact structure.
7. Higher quality with better packing effects.
8. Simple operate, easily maintain, large capacity and high efficiency.
9. Moving wheel with high bearing capability, easy to move.
10. Customizing is available.

vacuum packed food processed by Automatic chamber vacuum packaging machine for food

Operation Process of Potato Chips Packing Machine

1. Turn on the power switch.
2. Raise up the press tape of the packing bag, then put the packing bag in which products have been filled into the working room, next make sure the seal part being smoothly put on the silicon rubber, no overlap between bags. After putting down press tape to press sealing parts.
3. Hold of the handlebar or press the up cover edge to press down up the working room. Close the working room, then the machine will automatically finish the vacuum packing process as the program designed.
4. Raise up the packing bag press tape, take out of the bag.
5. Shut down power switch, pull out of power plug.

Working Video of Vacuum Packing Machine