Potato Chips Production Line Flowchart & Detailed Description

Potato cleaning and peeling—cutting—blanching—dewatering—frying—de-oiling—flavoring –packing

potato chips processing steps
1. We should prepare the well-formed potatoes to make uniform potato chips and save the trouble of selecting, which is also convenient to clean and peel the similar sized potatoes.
2. After washing and peeling, the potatoes are cut into even potato strips whose thickness can be adjusted freely.
3. Blanching in hot water is necessary to keep the natural potato flavor and color.
4. Dewatering can reduce frying time and improve frying quality, thus it is indispensable to the frying part.
5. Frying is the key part. We should control the temperature and heat to make sure the potato chips are fried perfectly.
6. De-oiling means filtering the extra edible oil to make potato chips healthy and packed easily.
7. Add whatever kind of flavor that you like to make more tasty potato chips.
8. The last step is packing which can make the potato chips fresh and easy to store.

Characters of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line

small scale potato chips machine

1) This complete potato chips production line is made of stainless steel, durable and healthy.
2) Customized solutions. According to your capacity, we have semi-automatic and fully automatic processing line for your choice.
3) Wide application. Apart from using potato as material, you could also use other food as well, such as sweet potato, carrot and other kinds of taros.
4) Multipurpose cutting machine, be able to cut potatoes to slice or bar shape, and the thickness and size are adjustable.
5) The advanced frying machine, highly increasing the using life of oil, saving energy.

Small Potato Chips Production Line Technical Data

No. Model Power Voltage Weight Dimension
1 TP-10 Potato washing machine 0.75kw 220V 60kg 690*430*860mm
2 QS400 Potato cutting machine 0.75kw 220V 60kg 650*510*700mm
3 PT-1000 Blanching machine 15kw 380V 50kg 1230*650*1000mm
4 TS-500 de-watering machine 0.75kw 380V 400kg 800*500*730mm
5 DYZ1000 French fries frying machine


380V 120kg 1360*600*970mm
6 TY-500 de-oiling machine 0.75kw 380V 400kg 800*500*730mm
7 BL-800
Flavoring machine
0.75kw 220V 90kg 1000*800*1350mm
8 DZ-400/2S Packing machine 1kw 380V 80kg 540*520*920mm